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  5. "Коли наступна маршрутка?"

"Коли наступна маршрутка?"

Translation:When is the next share taxi?

July 1, 2015



What's making me upset is that when you hover over the word then Marshrutka is one of the translations in the hint, yet the program doesn't accept it as an answer despite the fact that it truly is a better way of saying it than "city bus", in my opinion. I've never feared for my life on a city bus, but I think I almost died every single time I rode in a marshrutka


I agree. City bus, minibus, share taxi (actually we would say shared taxi) are all different things: a marshrutka is a marshrutka and nothing else! I think it falls into the same category as "salo" ... initially only lard and pig fat were accepted, then it was pointed out that salo exists as an English word and is accepted: I think marshrutka should be the same, as none of the alternatives are exactly the same.


Маршрутка should translate as "shuttle." Bigger than a taxi but smaller than a bus. Or even "bus" would be better than "share taxi" I've never heard of a share taxi!


But again, “shuttle” doesn’t work in all forms of English ... in British English a “shuttle” would usually be any size of bus that just makes frequent journeys back and forward between two destinations, usually without or with only very limited intermediate stops. I still think a marshrutka is a marshrutka, and nothing else is actually, universally, the same thing!


Yes, you're right. In America too.


Is the distinction between 'bus' and 'city bus' all that important?


Can I say "Маленький жовтий автобус з пекла"?


Just say "hell on wheels" ))


The correct translation for маршрутка is "share taxi". I think it should be the default, but if not, at least it should be accepted.


I don't know where you live, but I've been all over the U.S. and have never heard of a "share taxi." You can share any taxi!


Share taxis are uncommon in English-speaking countries, but in some US states you have jitneys which is their term for share taxi. In the Philippines they have a word play on that, called jeepney.


according to who is the correct translation share taxi? I'm wondering because Google translate calls it a route taxi, which I think is a more accurate description. The hover function says mini bus as well as share taxi but that is never a flash card option.


If using the word "share taxi" for marshrutka then the word should be together and not separate...otherwise u dont think of it as that word but rather a small bus or a minibus but since that isnt an option the word taxi is closest but never thought it could be called "shared taxi"


should be shuttle at least.

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