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"He washes his hair with shampoo and conditioner."

Translation:Han vasker håret med sjampo og balsam.

July 1, 2015



This seems a little unusual to me... I feel like there should be a 'sitt' after 'håret'? Is there a particular reason it isn't there?


This is a quirk of Norwegian! For whatever reason, when you're talking about the body, you don't have to use a pronoun like you normal would for other topics. It's automatically assumed the the subject of the sentence has ownership of the body part in question unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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Could this also be "Han vasker håret hans..."?


I've added it. It would mean he was washing another guy's hair, which is technically possible, of course!


Spanish uses a form of this as well. Han vasker håret = Él se lave el pelo. Neither use a possessive because they are doing it to their own physical bodies

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