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"Я турист і я шукаю цей будинок."

Translation:I am a tourist and I am looking for this building.

July 1, 2015



If будинок means "building" here, it should not be translated "house" elsewhere. The problem needs to be corrected because I always translate it as "building" and in "ми бачимо ваш будинок" I get a false "incorrect". I understand that it can also mean "house" but at least make it an acceptable alternate answer.


Будинок -> buildling, house

Дім -> house, home

Будівля -> building


Building -> будинок, будівля

House -> будинок, дім

Home -> дім

If some are not accepted, they were overlooked... I'm adding them wherever they're missing.


I think that "i am searching for this building" should be as correct as "i'm looking for..."

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