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  5. "Welches Buch wirst du lesen?"

"Welches Buch wirst du lesen?"

Translation:Which book are you going to read?

December 29, 2012



"What book will you read?" is my suggestion as I have never heard "which" used in this sense. What car do you have? What bread do you prefer? But never "Which car do you have?" "Which bread do you prefer?" Please explain, anyone in the know.


I think "which" is fine. It's something I'd say (and do say). Especially if one thinks of making a choice: Which movie are you going to see this weekend? Or "Which magazine (of those on the table) are you going to read?


"Which" in this sense seems perfectly commonplace to me. It might be more common when the choices are clear. For example, if a teacher assigned a book report, and allowed students to choose from a list of books, I would be more likely to say "Which book will you read?"


Why does wirst come in the middle of the sentence? My understanding was that verbs either go in the second position or at the end of the sentence.


The verb is in the second position. 'Which book' is the subject followed by the conjugated verb.

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