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Get sound effects but not listening exercises?

Is there any way for me to turn off the listening exercises (things where there is no Spanish text, just the voice saying the sentence aloud) without turning off all sound effects?

I like the sound effects! I don't mind the autoplay of sentences that also have text. I just want to be able to opt out of the listening-only exercises, because I find the artificial voice much, much harder to understand than the spoken language of actual native speakers, so I don't feel like it's teaching me anything except bad habits and frustration.

I can't find a setting option (this is for the online version of DuoLingo, not the app) which would let me just disable those exercises. Is there one?

July 1, 2015



It's not possible on the Web. Turning off the speaker turns off all sound effects/activities.


Right. That's why I was looking for an option other than turning off the speaker.

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