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  5. "Ви їсте кашу з м'ясом?"

"Ви їсте кашу з м'ясом?"

Translation:Do you eat porridge with meat?

July 1, 2015



Don't forget манная каша, cream of wheat!


Is this porridge limited to buckwheat porridge, or what we in the United States would call kasha? I am sure the dish is not familiar to all Americans, but in any city that at one point had a large Jewish population, kasha is usually available. I quite like it in knishes with mustard.


каша can mean any porridge, e.g. it is common to cook buckwheat with meat in some families here


We in the United States would probably still call that kasha with meat. Would каша also be used for oatmeal porridge or porridge made from other grains or pulses? We rarely use the word porridge, since we have words for all the porridges--kasha (buckwheat), grits (corn/maize), oatmeal (oats), cream of wheat (wheat, actually a brand name).


Yes, каша is all of those: гречана каша (buckwheat), вівсяна каша or вівсянка (oatmeal), пшоняна каша (millet), etc. Каша is cooked from any cereal/grain


Sounds 'orrible


The language or the food?


The language is beautiful, but I'm not convinced by the food, sorry


Kasha is just a bowl of grain, in this case usually wheat. Is it just wheat you find off putting or do the bowls of rice at Japanese restaurants disgust you as well?


It's the combination. Wish I'd never said anything now!


Hey, de gustibus non disputandum. Never apologize for your taste. I'm a big fan of meat over grain, from chirashizushi to tagine and couscous, but I'd never say something sounds good just because others like it.


Ні, не ïм каша з м'ясом.


Cant you say oatmeal instead


No, because there are different types. There is wheat, flour, buckwheat, oat, etc.


Please see my earlier comment about kasha. It is not porridge in this context. It is probably buckwheat. Kasha is much broader than porridge. This is going to provoke a lot of discussion. Duolingo, please get it right.

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