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Progress Sharing on iPad

As a teacher I was able to create a section and mail the link out to "students" to share their progress with me. Those who joined my class did so from a computer.

My Middle School students are using an iPad and I don't see an easy way for them to share their progress with me from their iPad.

Instead of sending the email with the link to join my class, how could I do this?

My guess is open the app, open profile, tap progress sharing, type in teacher email address, type in Section/Class, choose Save changes. This didn't work for me and I had to go to the computer to make this work.

I need to be able to have my students complete this task on their iPads.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Stephanie

July 1, 2015



Can they register using the Safari interface on their iPad? If so, is this then recognised by the iPad app?


Click on profile in the upper left corner, then right under the avatar is a link to "share progress"

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