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"A quel punto l'errore sarà già stato fatto."

Translation:At that point the mistake will have already been made.

July 1, 2015



The dictionary defines error as a mistake. Why will DL only accept mistake and not error.


because they made an error


A quel punto = at that point
l'errore *(il+errore) = the mistake/error
sarà già stato fatto = already
sarà già stato fatto = will have been made

At that point the mistake/error will already have been made


Except you don't "do" an error, you make an error.


I'm with you. This is a great program but sometimes it is ridiculous.


It should, but still does not. Reported (hopefully everyone else does, too. They DO listen sometimes)


I am reporting it now, but the reports don't seem to make any difference. It is very discouraging. I used to get the occasional message saying that something that I had reported had been fixed, but that hasn't happened in a very long time now.


It IS discouraging, I know. but if it helps, the reports seem to come in waves - so I think that every once in a while the (volunteer!) mods go back over reams of comments, and change a bunch of stuff... then real life calls them back to more exciting tasks. (Like watching paint dry). Hang in there - oh, apparently you have - nice streak!!! A two day power outage knocked 455 days off mine. Oh well.


LOL, thanks, and I will try to be optimistic. Thanks re my streak and so sorry about yours -- that must have been really upsetting.


Weellllll... streaks aren't everything. I am just here to learn. (There were a few choice words said, yes)


same here, still didn't accept "error" after all the reporting. btw, does anyone knows if this tense is ever used in spoken italian? english is not my maternal language, but i cannot make any sense out of "will have + past part." form. Intuitively I would translate it in english as "would have + past participle".


In English 'would have' is conditional: if X had happened, then Y would have happened (but neither of those things actually happened). Will have happened means Z is definitely going to happen, and I am speaking about the future time when Z will be in the past.


reported 21 march 2016


I don't know why "at that point the error will have already been made" was wrong. Is there a difference between error and mistake in this context? In English either will work perfectly well.


There is no difference in the english sentences so it should be marked correct - duo is a slow learner here.


I said "at which point the error will have already been done" I don't see any reason this shouldn't work


It's because in English we don't say "do an error", we say "make an error" (same with "mistake"). "Do" and "make" are often translated as the same word in Romance languages (fare in Italian, hacer in Spanish, etc.) but in they are not interchangeable. For instance, we say "do your homework", never "make your homework".


mistake equals error


I agree with others that "error" should also be accepted!


DL's still not accepting error despite its being a synonym of 'mistake'. Pitiful.


Feeling quite irritated that 'error' is not accepted here as I have been dinged on this several times. Since I do a number of online language courses, it gets frustrating trying to remember what word each course considers the 'only' possibility. This seems to be the main downfall of these courses.


"At that point the error will have already been made" - My answer should be accepted (c)


"ERRORE" = "ERROR" = "MISTAKE! Reported 3/11/16


can anyone explain how the past participle of the acting verb (fatto) is used without an associated auxiliary verb ? I am assuming that "sara stato" is the future perfect construction that = will have been and as such fatto needs an auxiliary for it to make grammatical sense ?


Stato is the auxiliary. Ha fatto = made/has made, è fatto = "is made", sarà fatto = will have made, sarà stato fatto = will have been made.


Molte grazie Taria


Taria - correct me please if I am in error. You wrote "sara' fatto" = will have made, I believe this is "will be made". Will have made = "avra' fatto".


Well, it still doesn't accept error; I reported it.


It would be nice if duo dated tgese comments so we can see if they are acted on


Sorry they do not see the "error" of their ways.


seems it is too late, the error has already been made...reported 8 aprile 2016


First time I've struck this question. Got knocked back using "error". Reporting and hoping.


DL still rejecting "error". I reported again.


Yes, We do need to keep cluttering because Duo has still not corrected this phrase to allow 'error' to be accepted. PLEASE Duo change this!


Is this the passive voice?


Why haven't they made a passive voice lesson yet? This is only the third time that I see the passive in the whole Italian tree...


Just reported it again (7 Mar 2016). I usually, once something has been reported multiple times, just go along with what they say, but I responded without thinking this time, so another "opportunity" arose to report it.


error + mistake, unless I am mistake


ERROR ALERT !!!!! DL read these comments and act on them to stop clutter


Absolutely .. error should be accepted. I have reported it 13/7/16


"Error" still not accepted 7,25,16. Good grief! Accidenti! Cavalo! ecc. Mi dispiace per la lingua, ma qualcosa dovrebb'essere fatto. No? Yes, I, too, have reported it.

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"Error" still not accepted; reported 16 October, 2016


point - moment: what's the difference?


"moment" indicates an exact, singular point in time whereas "point" gives a more general sense of a stage reached in a set of circumstances.


"The error" isn't close enough? "mistake" is really the only possible solution?


error and mistake really are both correct, but perhaps the phrase is taken out of context, and DL wants us to use its own translation.


Error in Italian = Error in english ... No?


No, I believe both the Italian and the English equivalent are correct.


Maybe because of the reported errors, but, for me, the answer was already presented and selected in order. Free pass. I didn't even have an opportunity to try it.


The testing for this section is just too hard and a great leap from the actual exercises, I cannot spend hours each day fine tuning small complex sentence structures, again and again. It needs to be reviewed and brought into line with the actual level of students otherwise it is too discouraging.


Error is accepted, 2019-03-21.


àat this point the error will have been madeà marked wrong. DL wanted mistake instead of error. Makes you wonder who does the tanslations. They are synonymous

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