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  5. "Quando eu dirijo, eu penso."

"Quando eu dirijo, eu penso."

Translation:When I drive, I think.

July 1, 2015



I imagined like someone directing an orchestra, so I translated: "when I direct, I think". I suppose then, that if I only use the verb "dirigir" alone it would be related to driving and if I want to say that I direct something I have to complete the sentence, like "eu dirijo uma orquestra". Am I right?


The man who speaks is really hard to understand


Could this be an unsure answer?

Such as: When did you remember the code? --When I was driving...I think.


No. It's a factual assertion (I think when I'm driving). That unsure "I think" takes the verb "achar" - "acho".

  • Quando você se lembrou do código? Quando estava dirigindo... acho.

In any case, it would be weird to use it like that when the action is the present (just like your examples in the past show).

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