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Editing Final Translations

Great idea , but there is something wrong with the settings , as the only choice is " cancel " because the " submit suggestion " is dimmed down and not functional . This is a pity when the " final translation" is flawed . Other than that the new system is working well , and much more likely to produce a good final translation . And Duobot has improved quite a bit . :-)

December 29, 2012



I also see a lot of incorrect final translations. I think it is in part because in the voting system there is no option to select "none of the above." Without that option, poor translations get voted on simply because they're the best of the worst.


I agree with this. You can choose one and suggest edits, but I'm not sure if that actually works.


I just finished editing almost every final translation in a historical article, because they were all written in the present tense instead of the past tense. (and I don't get any "point" for the effort!)I see far too many incorrect "100% translated" passages. What is being done about this?

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