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  5. "La ciencia es importante."

"La ciencia es importante."

Translation:Science is important.

July 2, 2015



I don't know if ya'll can see this post in reference to my other post, but this is an example of the definite article being retained while talking about a top level domain, whereas it is dropped in english.


yes, nouns as subjects require the article in spanish, but is dropped in english.

Health is important

La salud es importante

If presented in spanish with: La salud es importante, translating to "the health is important" should/would be marked incorrect


I agree for the most part. But I do not think it should be marked incorrect to use the article in English. One could add the article for emphasis. i.e. 'THE SCIENCE is important.' Generally speaking though CattleRustler's statements are correct and it would be better to translate to English dropping the article. As nacreousnereid says below: English is the anomaly here.


Yup, in fact, this is common in many languages - English is the anomaly.


So then, "The sciences are important," would not be the same thing?


Yes, it would be the same. You could probably use the plural in Spanish to emphasize that.

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