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  5. "Du behöver bara fråga."

"Du behöver bara fråga."

Translation:You only have to ask.

July 2, 2015



I tried "You need only to ask/You need only ask." Not accepted. May I suggest that they be added as options? They sound perfectly fine (to me, anyway) in English. :-)


Perfectly correct.


And also accepted, as of a few months ago. :)


Why does fråga not end with the letter "r"


When you're using an auxiliary verb (such as "need", "want", "can", "will", "do", essentially a verb that adds meaning to another verb), you put the verb after it in the "infinitive" form, which 90% of the time, ends in "a" instead of "ar/er".

It's a similar reason as to why we leave out the 's' in "He needs to ask" (instead of "He needs to asks"), or "Does she have to do that" (Instead of "Does she has to does that")


Why 'fråga' rather than 'att fråga'? Would the latter also be correct?


No, "behöver" is a modal verb that does not take "att".


Why is "You have only to ask" wrong?


Sounds a bit strange, doesn't it?


Sounds very strange indeed!


I agree with you Zmrzlina. As a native English speaker, I have never heard the sentence "You have only to ask.". The correct way would be "You only have to ask."


It's grammatically correct, same construction as e.g. "You need only ask", which is accepted - only it contains a particle "to" as well which makes the sentence rendering a bit weird.

I'm honestly not sure whether I think it should be accepted. To me, it sounds a bit too 18th century, but if it's still in active use in regions of the native English-speaking world, then it should not be marked incorrect here.


I'm a native English speaker and quite frequently use "You have only to ask."


"You need only ask" always sounds like a cool sentence no matter the language


I know it sounds funny but I understood the question as "You need only a question". How can I say that in Swedish?


Same way, really: Du behöver bara en fråga.


This one is interesting and a little confusing because of "fråga". In English, it would be "to ask" - why is the word "fråga" and not "frågar"? Thanks!


It actually works the same in English - you do need the infinitive because it's preceded by a modal. But in English, the present and the infinitive are usually the same, so we have to switch to third person singular to see it:

  • He only needs to ask <- infinitive, correct
  • He only needs to asks <- present tense, incorrect


Thank you for explaining!


Why is this not "Du behöver bara att fråga" ? That would make more sense to me.


behöver is a modal verb, so it never takes the att.

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