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  5. "O vegetal é colorido."

"O vegetal é colorido."

Translation:The vegetable is colorful.

October 10, 2013



Omg i got it wrong because i spelt colourful with a 'u' really. Colour has a u in it


That depends on which English-speaking country you live in. The spelling of "color" predates the founding of the United States by a few centuries. Colonial America maintained some older English spellings while BrE has been influenced by French spellings. Another example: theater (AmE), theatre (BrE) = théâtre (Fr)


Edit: I have had no problems with pop ups on this link. Perhaps the problem is with your server.


Unrelated to the spelling of color/colour, the link you provided had quite a few pop-up ads, as well as a lot of junk--I'm not sure if that is because less ability to control from a phone? Good info, but slick ads 'jumping' under the finger, waiting for a miss-stroke.

Aside from this my phone behaves normally.


No matter how long I hover over over U in my Swype-like input, it still suggests 'color' first. Second generation Irish in Wales, if anyone's wondering.


Unfortunately there are a lot more Americans than English people in the world.


Veggie also counts as vegetable... is just a short version of the word... why did I got it wrong?


Doesn't really matter if you spell it as 'color' or 'colour' eithet one just needs a bit of consistentancy- I've seen both spellings on duolingo!

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