"Vi mistet huset."

Translation:We lost the house.

July 2, 2015

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Where was the last place you saw it? It's usually there.


Found it! Behind the sofa cushion.


Can this be used as "we missed the house" in a scenario where e.g. you drive past the house you're looking for... or can it just be "we lost the house" (i.e. the gov't took it from us, or the sellers sold it to someone else)?


I would expect this to mean you lost it due to a fire or an environmental disaster, but your last examples could also work.

If you drove past the house you were looking for, you would say "Vi har kjørt forbi huset" = "We have driven past the house". I don't know if there's an equivalent word in Norwegian for 'missed' in that context, so you would probably just phrase it like that.


This is probably just my twisted brain, but I interpreted the English sentence as being "we mislaid the house somewhere and can't find it again". Now while that's obviously a somewhat improbable situation, is that a possible meaning of the Norwegian if you're talking about e.g. a piece from a game?


Yes, it can mean to misplace, as well as lose possession of or, apparently, to miss (the bus, for example).

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