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Time zone incorrectly set?

I created an account on here while in San Ramon, California, USA. I know that based on my IP Doulingo should be able to estimate my location to somewhere in Danville, CA(based on what my computer's location is according to other online services). Unfortunately, the time zone is several hours ahead, NOT at UTC-8, so it is difficult to maintain a streak.(Unless I pick a set time in either only the mornings or only the evenings to always study, as a new day starts at some point in the afternoon. )It is difficult to stay flexible with this time difference in effect.

Then again, I can't view from my profile what the time zone for my account currently is set to, so I don't know if I mis-entered my time zone during the registration process of if the time zone detection is automatic. :(

I know you can't change the time zone from PC, and that is the only platform I have access to at the moment. Can you correct the time zone please? Again, my time zone is UTC-8.

July 2, 2015



You can see what timezone Duo is set for if you go to www.duolingo.com/users/goldfish911 Where you will see a lot of HTML like code. If you search the page for "timezone" you should see where duo thinks you are.


That should help you see your current timezone. And if it's incorrect, you can change it using any android device.


Thanks, the Duolingo FAQ makes it sound like only the android app changes the timezone based on the phone, not the one on the computer as well!

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