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  5. "These are cars."

"These are cars."

Translation:Це машини.

July 2, 2015



I entered Цей thinking this was the correct form for plural. Does anyone know what this form of "this" is used for?


When you are talking about "this" as kind of an adjective it will be цей-ця-це-ці, it describes a noun and cannot really stand on their own and take a verb.

When you are talking about "this" as not modifying a noun but being the subject of a sentence, it will be just це.

Це does not carry a gender and does not indicate singular/plural.

  • Це машина. (This is a car.)
  • Це машини. (These are cars.)

~~> These are sentences, they have a hidden verb "to be".

Цей-ця-це-ці carry a gender.

  • Ця машина (this car) [f]
  • Ці машини (these cars) [pl]

~~> These are not sentences, just collocations, word combinations.


That does clear it up more. Thanks for taking the time to explain!

[deactivated user]

    Ніде немає згадки про слово автівка (car), а це найбільш відповідний варіант цього слова українською.
    Це автівки.


    Цей isn't plural, it's singular masculine :)


    "Це є машини" or "Це є машинами"? I used to be told that "бути" requires ablative, not nominative case, like Russian "являться", not "быть".


    Could "Це машин" work as well? Say if there were five cars or more?


    Only if you put a number in a sentence: Це п’ять машин (These are 5 cars). Otherwise you use nominative


    How do you write cars in English leters???


    these are cars in english letters

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