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"My sister talks with my mother."

Translation:Min søster snakker med min mor.

July 2, 2015



Can you also say?

Min søster snakker med sin mor.


That would mean 'My sister talks with her mother', because 'sin' refers to the subject of the sentence.


Thanks, that clarifies the grammatical difference.

I was interested in if the "sin" version would be accepted since if she's my sister then by definition we have the same mother.

The ambiguity is also there in English with "My sister talks with her mother" vs "My sister talks with my mother"


The "her/my mother" part of this sentence is what sounds unnatural to me.

I think I'd say: "My sister talks with our mother"


why does the first translation give the wrong answer?!


What do you mean?


The first translation for "my" on the mouseover is "mit" but the correct answer is "min". I assume that was what rcbgato meant!


That is strange. I don't know why it would show that way around other than it being a bug


exactly what i meant, thanks!


I was surprised to learn that duolingo has a very basic mistranslation. Mother should be translated as "Moder". Danish has its formal and informal versions of this pronoun as well. Mom= Mor, and Mother= Moder. Likewise, there is Far, and Fader, for dad and father. Nt a big issue, but just FYI.


Fader and moder are sort of archaic, not at all as commonly used as father and mother in English. So I wouldn't consider this a mistake.


what about 'snakker min søster med min mor'?

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