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"The woman usually uses the cream from the kitchen when she makes food."

Translation:Kvinden plejer at bruge fløden fra køkkenet når hun laver mad.

July 2, 2015



bruger sædvanligvis - er helt korrekt på dansk!!!!!!!


"Kvinden bruger sædvanligvis fløden fra køkkenet når hun laver mad" How come that doesn't work?


Good question, SpeakDanish! I wrote exactly that, and it was marked wrong. I have reported it, for what that is worth.


kvinden sædvanligvis bruger fløden fra køkkenet når hun laver mad. Why is this not correct?

[deactivated user]

    That would be correct as a secondary clause, but this is a main clause. The adverb has to come after the verb.


    Why is "Normalt bruger kvinden fløden fra køkkenet når hun laver mad" not right?


    at the moment if you translate correctly in danish, the result as a correct answer is given in English and is condidered a wrong answer

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