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Raw data report

Hello everyone!

I know Duolingo sends a weekly report of the progress of your students, but I wonder if it is possible to have more detailed information, in a spreadsheet, for example showing things such as:

The overall progresss of each student per week, so we can see in which week he used Duolingo and which week he did not. (The weekly report kind of does this, but is hard to follow one particular student's progress per week if you have a lot of them)

The total time spent in the app

Statistical information allowing group comparison performance.

Any other saw of raw data that allows statistical analysis: such as comparisons of the languages studied in the groups you have, differences between male and female users, times of the day the app is being used for your students, etc.

I know this is very specific info, but it would be very useful for me to have access to this data. Is it possible?

Thank you.

July 2, 2015



"The total time spent in the app" - I don't think this will be possible. There is no way to tell if a student opened the app and then played video games for 15 minutes, or if they opened the app and then spent 15 minutes researching a point of grammar on other web sites, or if they opened the app and then spent 15 minutes reading an involved discussion about a confusing sentence.


Well, I think it is possible, specially because Duolingo has a scientific study saying that if a student spent 35 hours working in the app, he already has language outcomes compared to a semester of language study.


or at least I'd like to have a contact e mail to ask this, but I do not find it anywhere!

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