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"Duo küçük bir baykuş, sen büyük bir baykuşsun."

Translation:Duo is a small owl, you are a big owl.

July 2, 2015



These conversations though!...Lol


Why is not it right to translate: "Duo is a small owl, you are a big one." ?


Because owl is explicitly stated in the Turkish. There is a way to use "one" in Turkish as well, but it wasn't done in this sentence :)


so what would this be :" sen büyüksün bir baykuşsun?


I think it might just be "Sen büyük bir baykuşsun".


do you mean that the rule is the to-be suffix should be added to the nouns if there is an adjective?


It is added to the end of the predicate Basically, you have the subject "Sen," and then you have the predicate (the rest) "büyük bir baykuş." It goes on the end of this :) Ergo "sen büyük bir baykuşsun."


Why does it not repeat itself with the word owl? where does this last suffix "sun" come from i thought this would be right: Duo küçük bir baykuş, sen büyük bir baykuş.


"Sen .....Xsun" :) You have to use the person suffix -sIn with the second person singular for the verb "to be" (it is a copula)


If we change the order of the sentence it will become completely wrong?? Like "Duo bir küçük baykuş?


As far as I understand (a learner like you, so not too sure about it), "bir" as an indefinite article directly precedes the noun ("küçük bir baykuş" = a little owl), and "bir" as a number precedes the whole thing ("bir küçük baykuş" = 1 little owl).

[deactivated user]

    Why could it not be: Duo is a young owl and you are a big owl?

    When comparing, do we look to the adjective that describes the next noun and see its meaning and then derive the meaning from it? I am just curious if it matters which definition is used.


    Based on context, it means small, because in this sentence we're comparing sizes. If it meant young and old, I think it would have been with the adjectives "genç" and "yaşlı". Those more often mean young and old than the adjectives in that sentence do.


    Shouldn't be "an old" instead of "a old"?


    Baykuşsun mean you are not an owl ! Right ?


    "Baykuşsun" means "you are an owl", while "you are not an owl" would be "baykuş değilsin", as far as I know.


    Omg how often do I need to make this sentense its like every third task Pls stooooppp


    This sentence is too long...!!

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