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  5. "He did not say it to me."

"He did not say it to me."

Translation:Ní dúirt sé é liom.

July 2, 2015



"Ní dúirt sé liom é" is an acceptable translation


And would actually be preferred among native speakers.


I tried it, but Duolingo doesn't agree.


"Ní dúirt sé é liom" sounds really awkward to me. And yeah, Irish has gotten enough corruption through English, we should be trying to curtail that rather than encourage it. Gaeilge lofa líofa, as we call it. I find this course useful mainly for strengthening vocabulary and for practice. Other than that, you'd learn way faster from a good grammar book.


I agree that unmotivated changes to the caighdeán should be avoided but in my opinion vitality is more important than canonicity - if a community communicates in Irish that should be celebrated, even if they say 'like' or 'just' every couple of sentences. Is fearr Gaeilge briste mar a déarfá.


I agree with Oscar and galaxyrocker


When do we use 'níor'?


Níor is used to negate a verb in the past tense, but abair is an irregular verb, and irregular verbs don't always follow the same rules - some irregular verbs use in the past tense.


Oh and a question for someone who has better Irish than me. If you were to say "Ní dúirt sé é liom" wouldn't that be for the sake of laying emphasis on the "é" and in that case wouldn't you rather say "Ní dúirt sé eisean liom" ?


I'd be interested to know how a native speaker would interpret it myself.
It seems to me that it would mean something like He didn't say "é" (i.e. the word "é") to me.


Ní dúirt sé é sin liom. Is this wrong?


"He did not say it to me" - Ní dúirt sé é liom
"He did not say that to me" - Ní dúirt sé é sin liom


Go raibh maith agat, tuigim anois.

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