"What do they need?"

Translation:Cad a theastaíonn uathu?

July 2, 2015

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In the word bank for this sentence thesteaíonn is not proposed


I know it isn't .. but the division between 'want' and 'need' seems arbitrary to me. The sentences seem to be constructed in the same way. I have not been able to recognise the difference yet


I think what's going on is that Duolingo accepts both interchangeably, but that when you give a wrong answer for some other reason, it's inconsistent about showing you the corrected version of the sentence with the same verb you used, which often makes it look like it's correcting the verb itself.

For example if I said "Cad teastaoinn uathu" and it corrected me with "Cad ata uathu" it looks like it's telling me I used the wrong verb, but it's actually just telling me my translation was wrong (in this example because I missed out a) and then showing me one of the possible correct answers.


I thought "ta ... uathu" would only be "they want", not "they need" - whereas "thestaíonn uathu" could mean both (want and need)?


There is no 'a' to choose in the words, only 'atá'. What gives?


Nvm, I'm dumb.


I'm even dumber -- I can't construct an answer from the available words that it will accept. What's the secret?


Nobody reading your comment knows what "the available words" were when you were doing this exercise (they aren't always the same), so we can't tell you much.

Next time, post the list of words, or better yet, a screenshot showing what you entered and what Duolingo said it wanted.


Sorry -- first time posting on this forum. In fact though I've been using Duolingo for years I thought it was just the app. Had no idea you could do the exercises on the webpage or that a forum exists until quite recently. And I didn't think the exercises could be that dynamic.

Anyway, the exercise is a "drag the word tiles into place" exercise, not free text that you type. The answer it wants is as above -- "Cad a theastaíonn uathu?" However as wattu77 says, the word "a" is not one of the available tiles that you can drag. From memory the words were (in random order) "Cad", "atá", "teastaíonn", and variations of "uathu". So you literally do not have all the component words available in the pile of tiles to construct the answer it wants. I reported it but I don't know if that goes anywhere.

Go raibh maith agat!


can replace teastaigh

cad atá uathu?


Thanks SatharnPHL! That explains how to give a grammatically correct answer with the given resources. However that still leaves the problem that a learner wouldn't know that, and the "correct" answer doesn't tell you. But that does get one on to the next exercise. Thanks again!


The correct answer given was: "Cad a theastaionn uathu". The missing text from the pick-up list is: "a theastaionn".


There is no word for a


I wrote that but it was marked as wrong, the correction was "Cad ata uathu?" ????


Why does teastaíonn have an "h" in it? >_<


Because the a causes lenition.


Challenge "What do they need?".....optional words given were " Uait, atá, uaim, teastaíonn, Cad, ó, uatha".

I selected "Cad atá teastaíonn uathu". Got it wrong and was given "Cad atá uathu" as the "Correct Answer".....clearly something is awry here right?


There's nothing wrong with Cad atá uathu?.

You can't say "Cad atá teastaíonn uathu" because you have two verbs, and teastaíonn adjacent to one another.

Tá X ó Y and Teastaíonn X ó Y both mean "Y wants/needs X" (or "X is wanted/needed by Y").


The math or logic equations really help me a LOT because these are rules that are easy and watertight. They explain exactly how the sentence is constructed and is easier than figuring out grammar lingo! Please don't stop using them! They make everything super clear! Good on ya!


Haha, I appreciate the explanation but when you throw math type equations in too, I get all types of confused, haha! I understand now that "Ca ata uathu?" is acceptable but what I didn't understand is why, in this thread, would the answer be given as "Cad a theastaíonn uathu?" when I didn't have either "a" or "theastaionn" as an option to select. Know what I'm saying?


Anyway, I've gone passed it now and it's something I am unlikely to forget given the extent of my confusion and all these converstaions, haha!


There is more than one way to say "What do they need?". The "default answer" and the version used in the "select from the list" won't always be the same.


The translation as above is nothing like the answer Cad atá uathu? indeed the a' andtheastaionn' was not available to use in the choice of words available so how are we to know the correct answer to give?


Cad a teastaíonn uathu? and Cad atá uathu? both mean "What do they need?".

The correct answer to give for a "Pick the words" question is one that uses the words that you have available. If you use the keyboard to type your answer instead of picking from a list of words, you should be able to use either answer - they are both correct.


Right, but if the help says one thing and the "correct" answer (the one that uses the available words) is something else, then the help is no help, and a beginner doesn't know all the variations. What's a learner to do? That was what I tried to point out over a year ago, above....


I find this exercise very confusing


I had copied down from a previous lesson, Cad a theastaíonn uathu? Now it is wrong?


In what lesson do I find the use of teastaionn


It’s mentioned in the Tips and Notes for the Prepositions 1 skill, so perhaps its use will be found in that skill’s lessons.


Really struggling with word order, and they are giving me word banks that don't include the correct solution!!

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Usually “teastaíonn” is accepted and “tá” is not accepted for “need“ in Duo. For “want”, both are usually accepted, though there is a few sentence with only “teastaíonn” is accepted.


I would have said Cad ata ag teastail agat


You don't use the preposition ag to say who wants/needs something, so agat is wrong, it needs to be uait (for "what do you need?", not "what do they need?")


I typed "Cé an dteastaíonn uathu?" which I figured was not correct. But without looking at the suggestions and just following the pattern of previous lesson questions this is as close as I could manage. I must say, these questions are far from self-explanatory. I must also admit that I've been avoiding doing Irish lessons because I feel quite lost doing them.

There are a lot of words for "what" or "which" in Irish and I am shooting in the dark to choose when a question comes up.

Oddly enough, it isn't the preposition that I have trouble with in these exercises. It is every other bloody thing in the sentence!


What do they need. I answered Céard a dteastaíonn uathu. Pls explain my answer im brain dead & frustrated


The relative particle a lenites, it doesn't eclipse.

a theastaíonn, not "a dteastaíonn"

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