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  5. "I eat the sandwiches."

"I eat the sandwiches."

Translation:Ben sandviçleri yerim.

July 2, 2015



Why I should put i in the end of sandiviçleri


Because it's accusative case


you see, if you have a verb in a sentence the object is either accusative or non accusative for accusative case it gives (the)meaning either singular(gazeteyi-->the newspaper)or plural(gazeteleri-->the newspapers) non accusative case gives (general non "the")meaning either singular or plural have the same form(gazete-->newspaper or newspapers ) review the (food)lesson tips


Is there a reason why one must include 'ben' here?


It doesn't have to be included and it is accepted when you do not include it :)


Ah - I must've made a typo that I didn't notice, then.


It is the form of the verb for the 1st person singular. "Ben yerim" "Sen yersin" etc. etc.


Is there a rule as to when to use "ler" and when "lar" for plural?


You can find this in the Plural Suffix Tips:

Forming the plural in Turkish is simple compared to the Accusative case. It is formed using the suffix -lAr. Now you might be thinking, “what is that capital A doing there?” to which we respond with 2-way vowel harmony.

This is the other form of vowel harmony found in Turkey suffixes. Basically if the final vowel is front (i, e, ü, ö) use -ler. If it is back (a, ı, o, u), use the suffix -lar. This rule along with the rule for 4-way vowel harmony will be used in several suffixes across Turkish grammar, so try to get used to it now.

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