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communucating with other translators on immersion

I have just corrected--for the umpteenth time--an expression on a Ger. Immersion article. Others have also made the same correction, up pops the mistake again and again. There are over 50 changes for one short sentence. Ok, I left a note in my recent edit and hold my breath but please isn't there any way to get in touch with all the others who insist on a word for word incorrect translation. Something like cc on email. How much time and effort would be saved and how many would be enlightened with better communication.

October 10, 2013



Interesting point. Maybe there should be a lock in this cases to prevent further modifications on the particular phrase. I have seen the same in one particular article in french, and two or three in Italian.


As an example, here is the italian article about "POLPETTONE ALLA SICILIANA"


There are many lines with no actual content, just some formatting symbols "|" and people keep translating them using the text of the previous or the following sentence. In this case there are three lines containing "|" to separate title, author and publication date in the original, but they appear in separate lines in Immersion, so people get confused and they translate "|" to "|Sicilian meatloaf" just to give an example. I hope the duo developers find a solution for this problem.

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