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"Ele pratica exercícios para melhorar a postura."

Translation:He practices exercises to improve his posture.

December 29, 2012



Now then, Duolingo. The verb is "practise"; the noun is "practice". So, he practises, and "That is not good practice". Please correct your translation accordingly.


I feel like if the question is "to improve his posture" then "sua postura" is required here. He might be practising exercises that are good for posture in general (is a physiotherapist? A yoga instructor?) without needing to himself, otherwise. it's certainly less clear than a body part, to me.


"A postura" is also right. You should avoid possessive whenever it is possible, which is the case here, not only for parts of the body.


This should be "He practices exercise to improve (his) posture."


Actually it should be "He does exercises."


Thank you. Does anyone know how Duolingo creates these tests?


He "works out" to imorove his posture is what any guy in America would say. We don't go to the gym (excuse me, 'academia') to "practice" building muscle. We go to the gym to build, or improve our performance in a certain skill.


"his" seems unnecessary as who else's posture would it be?

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