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"Læser du det portugisiske kort?"

Translation:Are you reading the Portuguese map?

July 2, 2015



It is just me, or does "do you read the portugese map" not really make sense in english? Not sure how it would be used?


The first case I can think of is 'Do you read the Portuguese map, or the Danish one?' ;)


Surely "are you reading the map of Portugal " makes a bit more sense than the literal translation ? Or am i missing something ?


I wondered about this too, but the Danish doesn't mean the map of Portugal (which would be kort over Portugal) - it means a map of Portuguese origin.


I wonder, why " do you read.." was not accepted


That's not how you ask a question in English


You certainly can ask a question that way in English, and "Do you read" is accepted here.


If you are reading the Portuguese map, the Duolingo Portuguese course will not help you ... their course is in Brazilian.


Came to the discussion exactly for this comment.


I'm taking a Portuguese class from Duo. Is there a difference between Portugal and Brazil in language?


There are a few differences in written language, even though the base is the same. A few words are different, and there are some key diferences like brazilian portuguese not using the 2nd person of the singular (at least in conversational language), opting for a modified 3rd person.

Speaking-wise, the brazilian version has an extremely thick accent, that makes it either more or less pleasant depending on your taste, while portuguese have a generally more neutral speech. A fun (and quite accurate) comparison someone from neither country made to me once is that, if portugal was american english, brazil would be scottish.


now, what if I wanted to say "are you reading that portuguese map?"


'Læser du det portugisiske kort?' would be a direct translation. In English both 'the' and 'that' translate into 'det'. If you translate my sentence back into English you should therefore consider if you're speaking about 'the Portuguese map' (as opposed to a German one i.e.) or 'THAT (specific) Portuguese map' (that is old and outdated, i.e.)...


is "looking at" acceptable?


Kort= chart. Not accepted


How about can you read the Portuguese map

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