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  5. "Bu yıl şubat kaç gün?"

"Bu yıl şubat kaç gün?"

Translation:How many days are in February this year?

July 2, 2015



In English we also say, How many days in February this year. That should perhaps be considered an alternative, although in and is are different.


how many days are in February this year? your sentence doesn't have a verb


No problem. Sometimes we imply action .


The "are" is not needed. We leave it out for brevity. Examples. How many players on the field? How many eggs in the recipe? How many beers in the fridge? Etc etc.


why is it not şubatta


why is it not şubatta

şubatta - In February & In the month of February.

"Bu yıl şubatta kaç gün?" Translation: How many days are in February this year?

You have a valid point which I cannot answer?


i'm a language fanatic >.<
but i keep seeing dialect, as it were, tripping people up. but there are so many ways to say a given statement, we need to pause and see what "Duo" is wanting to say, not how we want to phrase it.

otherwise the poor MODs will be going crazy. And then there are some things that do not directly translate. Acceptance is a virtue =)


On the other hand, I'm not sure why Duolingo can't foresee what questions may arise when they come up with these exercises.

Here's my attempt at answering your question: I think the original sentence literally translates to "This year, February is how many days?"

But when you use "subatta", you get rid of the subject "February" and are left with "This year, how many days in February?" which doesn't sound quite right in English.


Hello ErikKaufma2

I understood it as a, "leap year" after two years & answered it below.

I may still be wrong?

Thank you.


İt should be fabruary HAS days....not İS

[deactivated user]

    i put has.. it was still wrong :/


    "Bu yıl şubat kaç gün?" Translation: How many days are in February this year?


    This year, how many days is February?

    Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.

    I'm thinking "leap" year. It will be 29 days every 4 years.

    Leap Days 2020 – 2032

    2020 Saturday, Feb 29

    2024 Thursday, Feb 29

    2028 Tuesday, Feb 29

    2032 Sunday, Feb 29


    Why was it wrong to say "This year February is how many days?"


    Because that's not proper English!


    Is it less correct than: "This year how many days is February?"



    First: The standard form of What/How questions starts with how, in this case the order would be "How many days is February this year?"

    Second: In English, months "have" days, instead of "being" a certain number of days. So you need to use "How many days does February have this year?" or "How many days are in February this year?"


    How many days is February this year? That is not English! And yet it is the "correct" answer.


    'has' or 'in' February are incorrect? Only 'is' accepted?


    how can i say:how many days till February??


    Not sure why it won't accept "This year February has how many days?"


    How many days does Feburary have this year? Why was it marked incorrect?


    because it was not written in possessive form. :)


    No option for 'is'....


    Strange sentence in English.


    How is this sentence arranged


    I dont see any indication "in" or any preposition... could you use one if you wanted or not in this case?

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