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  5. "You call your father."

"You call your father."

Translation:Glaonn tú ar d'athair.

July 2, 2015



I don't understand where the 'ar' in the Irish comes from in thi sentence.


In Irish you call ar someone.


Wouldn't "Glaonn tú ar d'athair" translate as "you call on your father" as in you go to visit him?


I think perhaps you only need tge preposition when it is another person tgat you are calling, see the eg here https://www.focloir.ie/ga/dictionary/ei/Glaonn


Glaoin tú d'athair was my answer, and it is wrongly spelt and missing the ar, but I was told, "You used the wrong word.

Glaoir ar d'athair." I found that glaoire exists meaning challenger but not existing as a verb as written. I don't know why.

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