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  5. der Apfel or den Apfel


der Apfel or den Apfel

Which one is right? Or in each case should I use one instead of another?


October 10, 2013



Depends on the grammatical case. der Apfel is "nominative": Der Apfel ist rot. Apfel is the subject of the sentence here. den Apfel is "accusative": Ich pflücke den Apfel. Apfel is the object. What is being done with the apple? it is picked.

And just to do your head in, there are 2 more cases: Genitiv and Dativ, and all change with the Gender of the noun.


Could I simply say (by now) that one is plural and another is singular? Thanks!


Its not a "plural/singular" thing, but rather a "subject/direct object" thing.

When it's plural AND nominative (nominative meaning, subject) you'd say Die Äpfel sind etcetc. if it's singular and it's the subject you'd just say Der Apfel ist rot, the subject of the sentence is Der Apfel.

If you say Ich esse den Apfel, Ich is the subject, and Apfel would be the direct object, and in this case (accusative) der changes to den.


Both are singular. The plural form is "die Äpfel".

For example:

Der Apfel ist rot. ( The apple is red ) - Die Äpfel sind rot. ( The apples are red )

Ich esse den Apfel. ( I eat the apple ) - Ich esse die Äpfel. ( I eat the apples )


ok, so I can assume, at least, that Apfel is a masculine noun, right?


yes, Apfel is masculine :-)

[but 'die Apfelsine', which is an alternative word for 'die Orange' is feminine! Weird language! ]

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