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  5. Can I unequip a streak freeze?


Can I unequip a streak freeze?

OK, so I just decided to purchase a streak freeze, just in case I forget to practice sometime. However, I then realized I'm going on a trip for several days, and it's very likely I'll have to forgo Duolingo for more than one day. If I'm right, this means my streak freeze will be a waste. If I know I don't want it now, is there a way I can sort of return it, or at least unequip it?

EDIT: I will have access to a computer, so the problem is now gone. I still would like to see this feature added, though. But what the heck, this site is practically making me fluent in Italian, so I can't complain if little things like this don't get done.

October 10, 2013



Give a trusted friend your account info and have him try the timed practice with the aid of Google Translate. Of course, this doesn't jive with the spirit of the streak metric, but neither do streak freezes ;)


very good point - I hope someone comes up with a solution!


Does it expire, if no, why not hold on to it just in case.


The problem is, I don't want to use it yet. It'll use itself automatically the first day of inactivity, and then I'll lose my streak the next day of inactivity, and that means I'll be out 10 lingots.

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