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I want to learn 2 languages - German and Spanish

How do I sign up to learn 2 languages? Do I have to have different user names and passwords? I tried to sign up for Spanish with my email address, and got the message it was already taken - by me of course, when I wanted to learn German. I want both!

December 29, 2012


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You don't need multiple user names. On the website and in the app you can change the language that you're learning in your settings.


If you are using the app, you need to go online and sign in on the website, duolingo.com. On the top right there is a settings icon that you can click, then select the language you want to learn from there. Even after choosing another, your progress from german will stay. Just use the flag on the top left to switch between the languages.


Just go to your profile, and select I want to learn (whichever language you want to learn), or just click on drop-down menu in upper right corner and click on necessary language. You can learn multiple languages from same account, like I'm learning all 5 from same account....


Wouldn't it just make the most sense for duolingo to update the app with the ability to change the language in app? Do they read these things?

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