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"Покажіть, будь ласка, цей жовтий шарф."

Translation:Show me this yellow scarf, please.

July 2, 2015



Why not, "Please, show me that yellow scarf."


That would be "Будь ласка, покажіть мені той жовтий шарф"


Please tell me if I've got this right. це can be it, this or that when it's a pronoun, but it's this when it's a determiner.



In principle, "це" means "it" or "this" when it's a pronoun. "That" would be "то". However, in English it's very natural to say "That's a dog" e.g. simply pointing at a picture and saying it. In Ukrainian in that case we tend to say "Це собака". "То собака" (which would be the proper translation of "That is ...") is not really used as a standalone, more when some contrast is present ("Це ..., а то ..."), it sounds a bit unnatural.

So we decided to allow translating "Це ..." as "That's" and the other way around because A LOT of users opt for that, it's quite natural in English.


Should also accept "Please, show me this yellow scarf", as it is more natural to say it in that order in English


Right now the more natural order is set as default.

This weird one is accepted because from the technical point of view it's grammatically correct.

But please, to those of you translating the Ukrainian sentence too literally, word for word, this is not natural in English! Please use "Please, show me ..." or "Show me ..., please" instead.


I agree with rkononenko.


Why does this answer have цей instead of це to indicate the yellow scarf? Scarf is one thing. Isn't це for "this" and цей for "these"?


Цей (m), ця (f) and це (n) all mean "this" in the sense of "this scarf" or "this car", as an "attribute" of a noun, to describe the noun (e.g. This scarf is mine)

Це also happens to play the role of "this" in the sense of "it", as in "This/It is ..." (e.g. This/It is my scarf).

It's similar to German where "das" means "that" for neutral nouns ("Das Buch ist meins"), but also means "this" in the sense of "this is", no matter what gender comes after ("Das ist mein Buch").

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