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  5. "Et center."

"Et center."

Translation:A centre.

July 2, 2015



Got it wrong for spelling it centre instead of center


Is it for an institution only, as opposed to "centrum" for the central part of a city? Or I can use "center" for both?


I'm not completely sure but I think 'centrum' is like you said, a central part of a place, while 'centre' is more like a mall or shopping center.


What's wrong with "a shopping mall"?


'A shopping centre' is rejected?

A 'centre' meaning an institution/building is almost never used on it's own. I mean, there are youth centres, shopping centres, leisure centres, conference centres, but if I pointed to a building and said "That's a centre", that would be a strange and almost meaningless statement.


agreed - in this case 'centre' needs to be qualified - if mall is an alternative then 'shopping' would be the obvious word to use


The skill is called "PLACES" and I think the "Et center" is just "A center". It could be a shopping centre or a holiday centre or a centre of a circle.

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