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  5. "Et center."

"Et center."

Translation:A centre.

July 2, 2015



Got it wrong for spelling it centre instead of center


Is it for an institution only, as opposed to "centrum" for the central part of a city? Or I can use "center" for both?


I'm not completely sure but I think 'centrum' is like you said, a central part of a place, while 'centre' is more like a mall or shopping center.


Is centre a British spelling for center ? Our exchange student from Denmark spoke with a British accent at first.


You are correct. British English spells center that way. They also add a 'u' to all their 'or' words. i.e. colour, neighbour, honour, etc. American English is simplified.


Yes it is. It derives from french centre and it kept the spelling. The American spelling is closer to a phonetic transcription careless of the origin of the word.


You should watch "Never Been Kissed." Drew Barrymore was a magazine's expert on the English language. She explains some of the differences between British and American spellings.


'A shopping centre' is rejected?

A 'centre' meaning an institution/building is almost never used on it's own. I mean, there are youth centres, shopping centres, leisure centres, conference centres, but if I pointed to a building and said "That's a centre", that would be a strange and almost meaningless statement.


agreed - in this case 'centre' needs to be qualified - if mall is an alternative then 'shopping' would be the obvious word to use


What's wrong with "a shopping mall"?

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