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Ways to further my education of Norwegian?

Hello everyone!

I will be finishing my Norwegian tree soon and I feel like I need to keep going and learn more. Do you know ways I can do this? I don't want to wait until the tree is expanded.

Thank you for your responses! I hope this post will help others as much as it will help me:)

July 2, 2015



Congratulations on nearly finishing your tree! For vocabulary, the website Memrise is probably your best bet. It can be a little tedious - it's an online flashcard website that lots of people use to help improve their foreign language vocabulary - but if you stick with it it can help a lot.

I'd also suggest investing in an educational book or two. Hopefully, you'll be able to get something from your library. If not, definitely try to buy second-hand, as language books (or any reference books, for that matter) can be really expensive. If you want to start of with something quite simple, choose a Norwegian book from the Teach Yourself or Colloquial series. I find that the Colloquials tend to be more advanced, but they definitely aren't higher than a B1/B2. Both series offer practice with reading, constructing sentences, and give lots of grammar tips. Plus, you can get CDs to help with listening comprehension! Routledge Grammars are also very good, and as the series title suggests, they're grammar based. But these books can be really expensive, so try your library before looking second hand!

I specified "educational" books before because reading stories is a great way to improve general comprehension! Depending on your level, start with books for young children, and then you can move up to children's novellas, young teen fiction, and then Proper Adult Books. :) This can also be really fun! I bought some Mr. Men books in Icelandic, and although they were painfully easy to read it was so fun reading about Herra Jóli on Christmas day. -- You may also be able to get some Norwegian books at your local library. Mine doesn't have any Scandinavian languages, but there are lots of in French, Punjabi, Mandarin, Estonian, Lithuanian, and quite a few others. It's always worth a look!

And try to immerse yourself in the language, even if you're not "actively" learning. If you like music, find some Norwegian bands or singers! If you like reading about current affairs, I'm sure there are simplified Norwegian news sites to begin with, as well as the official ones. Be creative!

Finally, try to practice whenever you can. I'm a bit of a hypocrite saying that because I don't practice properly - I'm a little too shy. But I recommend the website Lang-8. You select the two languages you're learning (the most) and then you can write sentences/paragraphs, and have native speakers correct them and offer advice! You can also help people to improve in your native language - I speak English, so I've corrected a few people's writings in English. The forum UniLand is also really useful. There are sub-forums for a variety of different languages (including Norwegian). You can find resources, chat with learners and natives, ask questions, whatever you like! I've also started a blog, and although I've made it completely private I try to write 500 words in a foreign language every day. Even if it's completely wrong (which, let's face it, it most likely is) it's still a good way to start thinking in a different language and can really help to expand your vocabulary.

I really hope you can find some good resources for continuing to learn Norwegian! Have fun, and good luck!


That was really long! For that you deserve 3 lingots:) Thank you!


Do everything you usually enjoy doing - just in Norwegian!

If you like watching the news, start watching the news in Norwegian.
If you enjoy listening to music, listen to Norwegian music.
If you love singing, start singing those Norwegian songs out loud.
If you like dogs, join a Norwegian dog forum.
If you have a guilty pleasure tv show of some sort, check if there isn't a Norwegian version of it.
If you have a favourite book series, see if it's available in Norwegian.
If you enjoy cooking, start following a Norwegian cooking blog or tv show.

Et cetera... :)


This is an interesting YouTube video I found - not much learning to be done though.


Thanks for that!


You can continue to expose yourself to the language by watching TV shows or videos in Norwegian. Maybe even find a series or Youtuber you enjoy watching.

Hearing a lot of natural speech really helps.


Check out the Welcome Post/External Links! As you might expect, there are some great resources there.


Thank you! I'll check it out:)

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