counting words (French) doesn't work

I did many lessons today and the counter isn't changed. Last time it was setted from 1120 to 0. Now is stays 1226.

October 10, 2013

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Ok I coped without grumbling with the loss of a completely golden tree and going back to scratch to get everything golden again . I am however annoyed that my word score for french has been dropped. I have set my learning on the pretext of getting a score of 5000 words in French as a bare minimum for fluency, I worked hard to get this. Up until a few days ago, my score was sitting around 5094 - the next objective was to begin getting as close as I could to the magic word number of 10000. Then - the rug gets yanked out from under me again - my word score drops to 4774, stop doing this crap to goal focused learners- it is very demoralising. I want my word score restored to 5094 please!

September 10, 2019
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