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  5. "Şuraya doğru yürüyoruz."

"Şuraya doğru yürüyoruz."

Translation:We are walking towards there.

July 2, 2015



In American English spoken speech, as far as I know, it is not common to use "towards there" --- the word "towards" is usually omitted leaving it "walking there" meaning that you are walking in that direction. However, preceding "there" with "towards" does not make sentence grammatically incorrect. You may just sound funny.


You can't say ''we are walking towards there''. If you say ''we are walking there'', 'towards' is obviously implied. You can be walking towards the house, but not towards there.


Is there any difference between "Şuraya" and "Oraya"?


How would this be different than "we are walking there"?


It isn't, really. As LIliana above says, we don't really say "towards there".


"doğru" means "towards." When you use it in the sentence, it doesn't imply that you reached the place, rather that you are just walking in the direction of that place (just like the English).


Still, no native speaker would say "towards there". We would say "in that direction". I recommend accepting this translation or change to a different example in which "towards" would sound more natural..


"There" can indicate both a place and a direction. "Towards there" sounds unidiomatic. "We are walking there" is the proper English translation of the sentence.


Difference between "oraya" ans "şuraya"???


Native English speaker here and I would say that. You've just got to think of the situation. I'm walking with a friend. Another friend calls and asks if we want to meet her at the cinema which happens to be in the direction we were already walking. I'd say this sentence then. It's probably more natural to say "We're walking in that direction" though.


Of course, you can construct wierd examples to fit certain translations. But it's DEFINITELY more natural to say "We're walking in that direction".

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how about: We are walking over there?


If "We are walking towards THERE." then shouldn't we translate it as "Oraya doğru yürüyoruz."?


We walk towards here


that would be "buraya doğru yürüyoruz" i think


"We are walking that way" is probably the natural translation that works best, though I know the idea is to try and work in "towards." But as others have said, "towards there" isn't good English. "We are walking towards that place" is good English, but again, I know you will want "suraya" to translate as "there." It's a puzzler.

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