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"Ni renkontos vin posttagmeze."

Translation:We will meet you in the afternoon.

July 2, 2015



I responded : " We will meet you afternoons". It was my impression that when you use the -e on a word like posttagmeze, it means regularity - afternoons (every afternoon).


adding "-e" makes it an adverb. so bona (good) becomes bone (well)

in english, we add "-ly" usually, so quick (rapida) becomes quickly (rapide) and careful (singarda) becomes carefully (singarde)

"We will meet you afternoons" doesn't make any sense in English.


Oh, I'm not so sure; I've heard it said, a few times, as when setting up regular times - but it certainly is rare.


It's more of a colloquial, spoken thing. It usually isn't used in the more formal, written form of English.


Usually it would mean that if cxi is placed in front of it


Duo advises "we will meet you this afternoon". Is that correct? I don't see the word "this" in Esperanto. Maybe we will meet you each afternoon. Posttagmeze can mean each afternoon, right? Or not?


Yes Duo is correct and yes it can also mean each afternoon.


Ni renkontos vin posttagmeze aŭ renkontos vin posttagmezon

We will meet you ever day in the after noon or we will meet you in the afternoon noon ( one time )


How about Ni renkontos vin en la posttagmezo


I don't know if it's possible, but I wish the system could ignore a single spelling error made in an answer. It happens to me a lot and it fails me many times..


It's a function of the Duolingo system, not the course. Maybe report it to support.duolingo.com

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