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  5. "Drengen sad på stolen."

"Drengen sad stolen."

Translation:The boy sat on the chair.

July 2, 2015



Main tenses please?


At sidde, sidder, sad, har siddet


The boy sat in the chair was not accepted. How does one sit "on" a chair? In this context to sit "on" a chair would be "on top of" a chair and it would rarely be used if at all. How would one say "the boy sat in the chair" in Danish?


I think it depends on the chair... I would sit "in" an armchair, but I would sit "on" a dining chair. I don't know if there are any hard and fast rules, but I suspect it comes down to the shape of the chair in question.

In any case, I think both "on" and "in" should be accepted, unless there is a hard distinction in Danish.

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