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  5. "One of the cats sleeps."

"One of the cats sleeps."

Translation:En av kattene sover.

July 2, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Shouldn't it be "Én av kattene sover"?


    That's also accepted. 'én' is generally only used if you want to emphasize the number, but it's usually not important.

    "Bare én av kattene sover."


    I just used "én" and Duolingo claimed I had a typo, and that it should be "en".


    What is "pusekattene"?


    Katt is the default word for a cat in Norwegian, but pusekatt, kattepus, and pus are all cutesy, endearing terms (think "kitty-cat" in English).

    Pusekattene = the kitty-cats

    sources: [1] [2] [3]


    Why is it "En av" and not "Man av"?


    "En" is a number. "Man" refers to a general person in the sense of "One cannot be sure".


    Both 'man' and 'en' can refer to a general person. 'man' can however only be used as a subject in such sentences.

    Both 'en' and 'én' can refer to the number one. Depending on the context one will be better than the other. 'én' is often used if it's important to express 'exactly one', but accents are always optional. In this context it's not really important to be exact, so 'en' is used.


    I wrote my comment a bit hastily, so I was indeed wrong. I think you should restore your comment if possible :)


    Is there some rule to use "en, ei, et"?

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