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Introducing a new way to manage your classrooms

The Duolingo Dashboard just got a makeover! We have been hearing from a lot of you that our process of organizing your students was not the most intuitive, and we wanted to do something about that.

Improving on our old system, you can now create classrooms and watch them fill up over time. Each classroom has its own uniquely generated invite link, which means less typing for you when you want to add students. And we’re working hard on adding more ways of adding students, such as automatic emails and even integrating with Google Classroom!

When you go to dashboard.duolingo.com now, you will be greeted with an overview page that shows all of your classrooms. Click on a classroom to get to the familiar dashboard views.

screenshot of the new dashboard

You can now…

  • merge classrooms: for finally combining “Spanish 1”, “spanish1” and “Spanish 1st period” into one
  • rename classrooms - for when you want to change “my awesome classroom” to “my super awesome classroom”
  • delete classrooms - for the end-of-semester decluttering initiative
  • move students - for when students switch classes

Let us know how you like it! Bunny is really enjoying it so far:

bunny testing

July 2, 2015



Hi there, is it possible to assign specific tasks to a class?


This is amazing! Sticky?


Thank you for keeping us informed on the updates erdnuss! Aww, Bunny! It's been too long since we've seen a fresh pic. More please! pets the pup


Is there ways that you can leave notes for your students?


Can a student have two teachers? Especially I would like if a student who are studying two different languages can have one teacher (e.g. me) in one class (one of the languages) and another teacher for the other course.


Is there a way to add the same student to more than one class? Presently the invite link just moves a student to a new class but I want to add a few students to more than one class.

And if a student signs up for another language I see their progress in all their chosen languages but I am only interested in the one language so is there any way to crop the screen back to this one language?

And on the same idea is there any way to copy and paste all the students - maybe I want to add their progress to a PPT chart or an Excel homework sheet or even Edmodo.

And why don't you have an Edmodo sign up button the same way you have a google classroom sign up button?

And, finally, could you add pinyin to the Chinese section? As I cannot read what my students see if it is Han zi characters.

Haha - a lot but you wanted suggestions.

But thanks for a great program.......

All the best,

Richard Jones


This is amazing, really Duo's improving each day, EXCELLENT, Woo Hoo!

Congrats to all the moderators on Duo and keep it up!


How can I copy assignments to other classes?


Good stuff! Thank you for all of your hard work ^_^


How can students accept this invitation from the iPad? Or do they have to do this from a computer first and then use the iPad to do the lessons?


They could use the internet browser on the ipad (safari) and then they would be able to log into the app. Hope this helps hazanufc


From the app they can join your class by going to their Profile and clicking on "Progress Sharing". They just need to enter the email and class name on the account the teacher is using to watch their progress.


Looks great!


I really like what you done. How do you do that i want to know right now. and is that your dog it looks so cute can. This is amazing because you just work so hard on this must take a few weeks to do this. Well it is a amazing and i am very happy that you did that.


The dog above is managing his class, right?


Brilliant! been looking forwards to this!


Great. I'm having problems down loading the CSV. It shows zero XP for all students. Thanks


MrBannatyne, What kind of problems are you having? I will try to help you. Thanks hazanufc


Hello. My pupils' XP scores show as zero on the CSV file.


I just reproduced this bug and we'll have it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting!


Loving everything so far. Can teachers have the option to turn off words such as beer and wine? Especially when working with younger age groups.



Great improvement! It makes managing classes easier! Look forward to the integration with google Classrooms


Love what you do!


My school is now using clever.com to unite all online services/apps in one location. I would like to add my duolingo classes to this service. Can this be done?


These are all great changes! I would like an option to be able to see my students' scores on the Progress Quizzes. Is this possible?


Brilliant. Just created my English Classroom. Thank you.


What language is Bunny studying? I'm guessing French...


Can we see the improvement of our students? And the failures on which words they are lacking?


great question. They might go through the assignments without really learning anything. Does mom help them answer the lessons for them? Do they hoover the mouse all the time over the questions to figure out the meaning of words? Do they avoid the listening questions?


I am having trouble inviting kids to join. When I post the link on Edmodo it doesn't function. What am I doing wrong? Also is there a way to alphabetize the names of the students?


I am an educator who is using Duolingo to practice her Spanish (thanks for that, btw.) I am teaching an ESL class where my students are learning English. I want to challenge them to beat my weekly score studying Spanish when they study English. I can't see how to get my own results on the dashboard. Help!


Hover over your username and click on "Settings". From there use the "Progress Sharing" button to share your results with yourself(share with the email on your own account). Hope that helps!


I was able to add myself to my course (thank you!), but my listed language is English. Since I haven't done any English lessons, my score is at zero. Is there a way to change my language profile in that class to Spanish so that it reflects my practice?


Never mind. I figured out that I just needed to change the classroom setting to "no language." That allowed the dashboard to show all of the different language progress.


I am wondering if there is a way to have a duoling class of all the students I have on my school roster, and then sub classes for each class. So, students can see how they are doing compared to all my other students, but for giving credit for assignments, I can see them in just the class they are in . . .


I know DL for 3 years now. I'm using for teaching Spanish. A lot of new features. You guys are working hard. I think, feature developments like testing online, combine metrics of different classrooms, advances on oral communication, etc. Boy I can't wait! Like, vg, Hall of fame vs. Wall of shame. El pabellon de la fama, vs. La pared de la verguenza. Combining reports of fluency (25% etc), points, lessons, for x periods, etc.

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