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Introducing a new way to manage your classrooms

The Teacher Dashboard just got a makeover! We have been hearing from a lot of you that our process of organizing your students was not the most intuitive, and we wanted to do something about that.

Improving on our old system, you can now create classrooms and watch them fill up over time. Each classroom has its own uniquely generated invite link, which means less typing for you when you want to add students. And we’re working hard on adding more ways of adding students, such as automatic emails and even integrating with Google Classroom!

When you go to dashboard.duolingo.com now, you will be greeted with an overview page that shows all of your classrooms. Click on a classroom to get to the familiar dashboard views.

screenshot of the new dashboard

You can now…

  • merge classrooms: for finally combining “Spanish 1”, “spanish1” and “Spanish 1st period” into one
  • rename classrooms - for when you want to change “my awesome classroom” to “my super awesome classroom”
  • delete classrooms - for the end-of-semester decluttering initiative
  • move students - for when students switch classes

Let us know how you like it! Bunny is really enjoying it so far:

bunny testing

July 2, 2015


  • 2801

Great changes! The new interface looks awesome. However, I still don't get why the "days active" are off (I've started monitoring myself in this case from day 1):


Is this because I finished one tree (Spanish)? On the other hand, I've been practicing Spanish ever since (and there is a gap of 52 days).



Thanks for reporting this, @raans! This was caused by a somewhat elusive bug that has since been fixed. :) Your dashboard should now accurately reflect your (incredible impressive!!) progress.


I think it's funny how Spanish Summer School has by far the most students taking the course, haha! Anyways, great to see how Duolingo is implemented in actual school education.


Nice to know that you're making Duolingo easier for teachers to use. Hopefully this will encourage more educators to use Duolingo.


I like your dog.


Nice! Also,​ Google Classroom or Khan Academy integration would be great!

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