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  5. "Nós somos contra a guerra."

"Nós somos contra a guerra."

Translation:We are against the war.

July 2, 2015



Could this sentence be about war in general also (or basically "we are against war" in English)? Or would that be "nos somos contra guerra"?


I think he has both senses in speech, mainly because "contrA" ends in "a" that sounds like an article. Even with the article, there can still be a general sense and "war", become evident, or even personified. As always, context is the best way to clarify. An alternative and less ambiguous way to generalize the anti-war position is to use the plural without article, "Nós somos contra guerras".


Sounded like it could be talking about war in general to me... need a native speaker to confirm that though.


With the presence of the article, the first thing you think is a specific war, but I think it can mean war in general if the context gives you the hint. (Native Portuguese speaker here)


Against war is accepted, so now we know!


How would you say, "We are against the war", speaking about a specific war?


Nós somos contra esta guerra

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