"Es ist ein weißes Salz."

Translation:It is a white salt.

December 29, 2012

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Aren't Salz and salt uncountable?


a salt is quite terrible... and the pain when you write "a salt"... and then delete the "a" just to get the error message... sad times


It's fine in chemistry. For example, you could say "sodium chloride is a white salt" and "copper sulphate is a blue salt"


Hi, Blut

You're quite right. The point here is that they have translated

'ein weißes Salz' as 'white salt', not 'A white salt'.

I'm happy for them to talk about A white salt, but the German and the English need to match.

You guys have been grumbling about this for two years now, and it's still not fixed. Can I encourage you all to give the Owl feedback so we can get this (and all the other little niggles in this course) straightened out?

Have a sunshine day. :)


A white salt is now accepted July 2015

As it should be since that is what the sentence says. Although the poor translation that unaccountably changes the meaning is still preferred.


but still salt is a substance, thus it cannot be used with the indeffinite article, can it?


No, if you are distinguishing different kinds of salt, you would certainly say "a grey salt", or even "a salt". See the caption here "The blue salt copper(II) sulfate" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_(chemistry)


mixed nominative neuter. :D yeah boii, starting to get this.


couldn't understand it was "salt" the lady was saying....


The german word Salz was pronounced like english word "Sights"


Why is it Weißes again?

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