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  5. "В Києві"

"В Києві"

Translation:In Kyiv

July 2, 2015



"In Kiev" not accepted?! Reported.


Kiev - Киев (russian) Kyiv - Київ (ukrainian)


*kyev - russian.....anyhow, ukrainians may be pleased to know that the u.s. state department refers to the capital of ukraine as 'kyiv'.


having said that, this is something which was not announced to the general public, so the name 'kiev' is still the term used by most english speakers. i will use 'kyiv' exclusively, but i will be in the minority for some time to come. it has taken a long time for 'mumbai' to replace 'bombay', for instance


Actually, a better transliteration from the Ukrainian would be Kyyiv.


totally right. That is how i actually right the city in my foreign documentation.


Kiev - in English. My answer is an English translation therefore should be accepted. Type in Kiev in Google.com and see what you get.


Kiev English, Kyiv English both are acceptable. Plus Odessa is accepted. If it is only Ukrainian spelling then it should be Odesa.


I'm very sorry, only "Kyiv" is accepted according to the politics of the UkrDuo administrators.

Kiev is a common way to spell Київ in many languages.

My personal opinion is that it doesn't make sense to forbid it, since in many sources it is still officially spelled like that. Maybe their idea is that if we spell Київ differently, it will change people's attitude to our country. Which I think is not true. People can spell it anyway they want, and perceive Ukraine as an independent country; and conversely they can be forced to spell "Kyiv" only and still treat Ukraine the way they want. It's not a subconscious effect on the mind or something.

Besides, what city is spelled and/or pronounced in a foreign language exactly the way it is in the original one? "Roma" is "Rome", "München" is Munich. Apart from that, "Kyiv" is confusing, it's unclear how to pronounce it. Since foreigners can't usually pronounce "и" anyway, and don't know that "y" means "и", spelling "Kiev" only makes sense. The short "i" in English sounds similar to "и", actually.

But... I'm not the one deciding. The admins decided it between themselves and removed "Kiev" from the accepted answers. Not everywhere though, it's still might be accepted in some exercises which is even worse because of the inconsistency. I removed on like this recently...


What is going to happen to "chicken Kiev"?

p.s. I sometimes call Lviv "Lemberg". ;)


It will never be Chicken Kyiv, no matter what Ukraine wants!


Keep up the good fight against Russian terms!


"Kiev" is English, not Russian. If it were a Russian transliteration, it would be "Kiyev." That's like saying Americans should spell Moscow as "Moskva" just to reflect the Russian name.

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