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" ocras orm, an bhfuil bia againn?"

Translation:I am hungry, do we have food?

July 2, 2015



WOO HOO!! I wrote it correctly. :)


Should "...have we any food?" be accepted?


more importantly, do we have nice food?


Níl, ach bia uafásach againn.


Huh. I wrote all the right words in the right order, but neglected to include a comma, and was marked wrong. First time punctuation has been noticed at all, in my experience on Duolingo! And I would argue a comma isn't actually correct here. I included the comma the next time, but not the question mark, and it was marked correct. Maybe I'll try a semicolon or period next time to see what they do!


I’m as far from an Irish expert as anyone you know, but in American English these are two separate sentences divided by a period after “hungry”.

A comma creates a run-on sentence. MAYBE a semicolon would work here (I’m not the best at English punctuation, either), but I won’t swear to that.


I didn’t include any punctuation at all (not even the question mark at the end), and it was marked as correct.

I’ve seen several exercises that were set up like this, in that they had no punctuation between what we’d consider to be complete sentences. In each instance, we were to translate Irish into English.


What is the difference between agam and orm


agam is a combined form of the preposition ag and the pronoun .
orm is a combined form of the preposition ar and the pronoun .

Among other things, the preposition ag is used in the Irish equivalent to "have". The preposition ar is used for feelings, emotions and sensations, among other things.


Do we have any food? would be normal English usage


"Do we have food?" is perfectly "normal" English usage.

The Irish for "Do we have any food?" is An bhfuil aon bhia againn? or An bhfuil bia ar bith againn?.


"Ocras" reminds me of "ogre". :)


Or Orca (Killer Whale)


That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw this word!


'I'm hungry, do we have any food?' Does 'any' make this incorrect?


Yes, it does.

An bhfuil bia againn? - "Do we have food?"
An bhfuil aon bhia againn? - "Do we have any food?"


Thank you. That makes sense.


It's fine. I've just seen the comment above. :)

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