"Що ви хочете замовити?"

Translation:What do you want to order?

July 2, 2015

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Why isn't "What would you like to order?" accepted?


That would be "Що би ви хотіли замовити?" (polite, same as in English)


What would you want, and what do you want are slightly different with slightly different meanings.


While in English it is the same, любити means to like and хочити means to want


In English like ≠ want same as in Ukrainian, those are just different concepts. What did you mean by this?


Wow that is spoken fast. I understand that in real life it will be spoken fast ,but for leaning this is very difficult to hear the individual words


What would you like to order seems a valid alternative to what do you want to order, and more polite.


What would you like to order is the standard equivalent in English. "What do you want to order" is informal and slightly impatient. Whereas Що ви хочете замовити is standard polite--not impatient.


I think it should be accepted as a flexible translation, even though tenses don't agree. Tense is not the focal point of this exercise, since it's not a grammar-related section, but life-related.

As a note, in Ukrainian it also sounds slightly impolite, depending on the situation. We would either use other words ("бажаєте" - wish), or the equivalent of "would" in English: "Що би ви хотіли замовити?". But that's too advanced for this section :)

Added the "would" version.

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