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Can we PLEASE bring back the vocabulary lists?

Does anybody else agree with me? Some admin please read this and bring it back.

July 2, 2015



What vocabulary lists? The Words tab? Mine's still there. Not every language has it, and if you had been using one language that lacks Words (such as Swedish) and then switch to another language that does have it (such as Spanish), you'd need to refresh the page to get the Words tab to reappear.

Do you mean this?



Apparently there's an AB-test and not all users of the same course have access to flashcards, in some cases they even have different ones. It's really frustrating.


I know there were some variations on the flashcards, but they don't have flashcards at all? That's a bizarre one. In that case, AvalonGurl, would you be interested in the Duolingo-specific Memrise or Quizlet flashcard packs? Here's one of the Memrise courses for Irish and here's a Quizlet course. I really like Quizlet as a flashcards app (for iOS): there are many ways you can practice the content.


I'm currently in a group that doesn't have cards :/ Which is okay since I don't really use them (I'd rather use Memrise or Quizlet since Duo's is just "did you answer yourself correctly?") but it's sad that it's not there at all since so many people wanted it back for a long time

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