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Help! Lost Access to My Courses

I completed my German tree about 2 months ago. As of today I was German level 19 and French level 12. I started looking at the English for German speakers course. Now that is all that I see. I cannot get to my German and French courses. I logged out and logged back in and still the same problem.

July 3, 2015

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What happened is that when you switch your base language (the language you're learning from), you can only see the courses available/that you're learning from that language. For a quick fix, you can go here and click "Switch to course." In the future, you can also do this by going to the language flag in the top right and clicking "Add a new course." On the course selection page that comes up, you can choose your base language in the top right that says, "I speak: __" Then click on the course you want, and click "Switch to course" on the page that comes up.

You can also use the "Language Course Switcher" userscript mentioned here to make multiple base languages available in the menu that comes up when you hover on the flag.

Hope this helps!

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