"They are in a restaurant now."

Translation:Вони в ресторані зараз.

July 3, 2015

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Word order seems to be an annoying thing that Duolingo tells me I'm getting wrong. In particular, I got this one wrong because I placed the adverb at the beginning. Given that Ukrainian has cases, should word order be that important? I suspect that this problem arises because it's only beta, but it's still incredibly frustrating.


Yes, you can put adverb in 3 different places: in the beginning, in the end, after subject


My guess is, they did not decide on word order— whether the Ukranian word order should copy the English one or not. Am I right in assuming that, same as in Russian, зараз in the end of the sentence is quite an unnatural choice?

(in Russian I would go for "Они сейчас в ресторане", while "Они в ресторане сейчас" is a variation only occasionally used when building a sentence as you go. Only a non-native would use it consistently)


You know, with different word order emphasis changes. To put adverb in the end is kind of inverted, but it may be what someone decided to go for. Especially in speech


Isn't "тепер" and "зараз" synonyms? If you're trying to test out, shouldn't synonyms be interchangable?


Тепер - lately, recently, nowadays
Зараз - at this moment

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