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  5. "What did you think about?"

"What did you think about?"

Translation:Про що ви думали?

July 3, 2015



Why doesn't "Що ти думав про цe" work?


"Що ти думав про цe" = "What did you think about it?"

"What did you think about?" asks about what that it was (Про що ви думали?)


Why is "Що ти думав про?" incorrect? Is it a mistake on my part? if so, what is it?


Up to now, I have been able to transliterate from Cyrillic to Latin alphabets; this series of sentences appears to lock out that solution. I do not have a Cyrillic keyboard. I entered Pro, and was declined.


I have had the same issues with P and R. I wonder if Duolingo wants some other letter such as in х equating to kh?? Also if you have Windows 10 you can add a second language to the keyboard and easily switch with windows key and the keyboard. Ukrainian stickers are all over ebay and Amazon.


Why is this word order like so?


Why is the answer not in the hints? Please tell me why the answer is not думаєте?


the answer is past tense, думали. an ли ending indicates groups of people or you. I am assuming this is so because sometimes you could be a group of people. As for the hints, they are not always accurate. Most of the time they are useful, but I find if the hint tells me something different than I think the answer is, I go with the answer I think I should put down; I'm usually correct.

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